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Frequently asked Questions

How do you keep your price so low?

  • We keep our overhead as low as possible.
    • Small storefront packed to the ceiling.
    • Very lean on marketing and advertizing.  We have grown by word of mouth by providing quality products, great service at a great price.
    • We are not a franchise and do not pay huge franchise fees.
  • We do not advertise on radio or utilize high price marketing.
  • We buy large quantities of products from our suppliers and pass on the saving to you.
  • We grow our business by word of mouth offering quality products at great prices.

What is the best printer/copier?

This is alway the hardest question to answer and unfortunately some information is required to determine your needs such as :

  • How much do you print monthly?
  • What do you print?
  • Do you need colour?
  • Do you need to copy, scan or fax?
  • What quality of print do you need?
  • What size and thickness paper media do you use?
  • What speed do you need in the printer?

All of these answer help to narrow down the best printer/copier for you.  In general laser printers give you the lowest cost per page and are best if you print a lot of documents.  High quality colour laser printer and solid ink printer have come down in price and are available in models for home and office use. 

The size and thickness of the paper media can make a huge difference in the printer cost.  Generally, printers that print on over thicker paper than 80lb cover will cost significantly more than a printer that only prints on media up to 80lb cover paper.   Being able to print on media that is wider than 8 ½ " will also significantly increase your cost.  If you only produce a small amount of printed material on thick cover stock or wider than 8 ½ " it is better to out source this type of printing.

Recycle your Ink and Toner Cartridges and Support

Ink and toner recycling crate
Nova's Ark

Please recycle your ink and toner cartridges with
Ink Paper Plus
and support Nova’s Ark (www.novasark.ca) a registered charity since 2005

Empty cartridges picked up at time of delivery


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